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The other night, I was at a party and was surprised to see several middle schoolers and elementary-aged kids gathered in the living room, playing an interactive game on their phones. Although I was hanging out with the other adults and discussing a boxing pool, the kiddos were having so much fun that I promised myself I would try the game, Among Us. The next day, I played it for the first time, and it was surprising addictive. I can see why it's all the rage right now.

Although Among us a game for all ages, it is especially popular with kids and teens. The visuals are kind of basic, but the chat feature is hilarious, and the game has meme-like illustrations that add to the amusement. Among us is a game where most of the players are "crew mates," but there could be one to three "imposters" in each game. The object is to try to find out who the imposter is among us.

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During the game, you mainly walk around completing tasks. You can text the other players in a chat box to tell them who you think the imposter is. The game is played with four to ten players, either locally or online. There are a few options that you have control of when hosting a game. You can increase everyone's speed, change your own character's color, select either private or public, or kick people out of the game. You could also change the map.


When you are in a game, you can complete tasks such as destroying meteors in a room called weapons. If you are the imposter, you can sabotage rooms, causing other players to have to perform a task to fix it. And if they don't, the imposters win.


Imposters can kill players, and if other players see a dead body, they can report it. If you're in a room called security, you can look at the cameras and find out who the imposter is. If you are one of the imposters, after you kill someone, you can sneak through a vent to escape. This is to prevent anyone from seeing you hanging out near a dead body. Because that would be a dead giveaway--pun intended. Imposters can kill people, but one caveat is that there's a "cool down" process. I'm pretty sure you have wait like 30 seconds before killing another person, but I've heard that it varies.

More About Imposters

Another thing you can do as an imposter is close doors and trap people. As an imposter, you will want to blend in with the crew by following a group. This can also have the opposite affect. Following someone, if not done right, can seem suspicious. Players will call you "sus," which is, of course, short for suspicious.


Some of the customization options are choosing from various hats and choosing your own pets and outfits. There are tons of different hats, but I wasn't able to unlock any of the outfits since I was reluctant to purchases anything.

Meetings and Voting People Off

Anyone in the game can call emergency meetings to discuss potential imposters. In these meetings, players can vote people out. Once a player is voted off, it will be revealed whether or not they were really an imposter. Once a player is voted out, they can still roam around the game, but they can no longer get kills. As a dead person, only other dead people can see what you say in a chat.

Unexpected Event

Normally, players are safe during meetings, but the unexpected happened to a buddy of mine. When he was playing just now, somebody called an emergency meeting, but he got killed right when the meeting was called. Bruh! That isn't supposed to happen? I can only assume that it was a glitch.

Thoughts on Age Recommendations

Although Among us does involve some killing, this game is good, clean fun for anyone over the age of eight. The ESRB recommends that players be at least ten; however, Apple says nine plus is okay. So it's up to parents to try the game and see what they think. The rating is probably just due to online interactions.

The tasks are fun to complete, but I obviously don't like getting killed. Because it has a local option, there's a major social element to this game that adds to the appeal. How cool is it to search for friends in your neighborhood who might be on local when you are! All in all, I give this game 5 out of 5 stars since I'm 22 and plan to start playing it on a regular basis.

Among Us PC

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